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WHERE IS THE LOVE (Muslim Cover) Ft. Omar Esa, Muslim Belal, Essam

In honour of all those around the world suffering we thought it would be a good idea to all come together and redo “Where is the love” from a Muslim perspective. Whether they be in Christchurch, Mali, Syria, Burma, China or anywhere else around the world – we hope this sends a message that Muslims […]

Dear Depression – Spoken Word (EMOTIONAL) Ft. Essam

This is a message from the heart to all those that are going through a struggle of some sort and are reaching out for help. So many times we are lost for words on how to respond to someone going through a hardship and we don’t know what to say or how to act. We […]


So many of us have fallen victim to slander, gossip, rumours and lies. In case you didn’t know how to respond or were feeling the pain of being lied against – perhaps this video will help. For full video references and more head over to the link. Share on: WhatsApp


A tribute to Hajj and its beauty. Video Credits: Islam On Demand: Hamza Yusuf Hajj Nasheed: Omar Esa Kaabah Footage: Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information Share on: WhatsApp

Why we REALLY NEED the Haram Police

So many of us get carried away when it comes to voicing our criticisms of the Haram Police – we forget that we actually need them. While it’s true many of the ‘Haram Police’ are behaving in a manner which is contrary to the Sunnah – it shouldn’t hide away the fact that we actually […]


Impetus is a short film that journeys into the mindset of Abdul, an Australian Muslim businessman. The audience is given an extraordinary insight into the thoughts, rationale and motivations of a Muslim. Abdul encounters a multiplicity of personalities, situations and incidents throughout the course of his day that reveal his ultimate source of reason and […]

HADITH OF AI’SHA ANIMATED – Allah will Provide

Animation of the Hadith of Aisha with Bariya (R.A), when she is asked to give for the sake of Allah, when she had only a handful of wheat. She had faith in Allah, that Allah will provide. She had certainty that Allah will provide, and Allah provided them. Video Inspired by productive muslim. Share on:

Social Media is making us depressed

Recent studies are highlighting a key link between social media usage and depression. Particularly depression stemming from loneliness and failure to find a sense of belonging in society. We highlight some key solutions to this problem straight from the Sunnah. Share on: WhatsApp

ASHAMED TO BE MUSLIM || Spoken Word Response

A spoken word response to those that are ashamed to be Muslim, constantly feeling the need to blend in and give up their faith so that they can finally be accepted. We must be strong as Muslims as we have already achieved validation from Allah, there really is no need to sell our faith short. […]


This video is a response to all those that have abused, disgraced or debased the message of Islam through their words and actions, whether they be deranged Muslims or Anti-Islam haters. We did not create this video, except in defence of the Messenger (pbuh) and to uphold the sanctity of his teachings which are being […]


So a guy decided to make a video mockery of me on YouTube – this is my response. This is exactly how all Muslims should respond to such examples of hatred and idiocy. As the great Imam Al-Sh?fi’? would say “I have never debated a knowledgeable person, except I defeated him with my knowledge. While […]


Imagine your favourite celebrity and aspiring role model kills themselves. This is the unbelievable story of how Wael Ibrahim came to practice Islam. An incredible wake up call. Please note, suicide is something very serious and we should all take measures to help prevent it. In Islam, we believe true content is found by putting […]

My Hijab – Inspirational True Story

Many people don’t understand the meaning or purpose of the Hijab. This can be a great obstacle to overcome, especially for Muslim women. This is the true story of a Muslim woman’s journey to discover the true meaning of the Hijab. Share on: WhatsApp


One of the most common questions we get is “Why does God allow evil? – If God is All Powerful, Why doesn’t he make it stop?” Many people don’t know how to answer this question and therefore begin to doubt God’s existence. In this video we give you everything you need to know on why […]


This video is just as much as it is for the men as it is for the women. The greatest women of all time are not only the best of examples for women to follow – but they are also the best of examples for men to realise the value and importance of a woman. […]