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My Mom calls me ‘Donkey’ – Mufti Menk

Sometimes parents abuse their children verbally by calling them different names or curse them by making Dua against them without reason. It is common to laugh over this in our culture however it has a very detrimental impact on the relationship. Is this something permissible? Is this something that a parent should do? What is […]

Fighting Low Self Esteem – Omar Suleiman

In the age of social media where self-expression is at an all-time high, people are constantly posting selfies on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat flaunting their beauty and wealth. In such an environment it is easy to forget the true meaning of beauty and many people suffer from low-self esteem as they are unable to meet […]

Who is Allah – Muhammad Hoblos

It is important for each and every human being to be aware and to be informed about the true concept of God. To have belief in God does not only mean that you simply believe in Him rather it is important that you know who God actually is, what are His attributes and His names […]

Sexually Abused by Father – Mufti Menk

What should a child do when the very trust endowed by God upon his/her parents is violated by them. It is not uncommon to hear about parents sexually abusing their children, most certainly this is a gross violation of the amanah bestowed upon them by Allah. Many a times these incidents are overlooked due to […]

Are you beautiful – Omar Suleiman

We all are tested in different ways in life by Allah swt. Some of us are tested with wealth or the lack of it, some of us are tested with our jobs, spouses or our children. But did you know that being beautiful can also be a test? It can cause other people to envy […]

Texting your Girlfriend – Nouman Ali Khan

Sin is a kind of love, and sometimes we get addicted to it. When you give up this love of sin, Allah replaces it with something far greater. What is that thing? Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan explains. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel stay updated. — YouTube Channel NO Ads […]

Why do they Hate Me – Fatima Barkatulla

Have you ever wondered why is it that Islamophobes often hate Muslim women and especially Muslim mothers? They often go about seeking ways to “empower” Muslim women, but what does this so called empowerment actually entail. In this video Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla helps us understand the reason behind this. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim […]

Fasting is a Shield – Ibraheem Menk

Fasting is a shield so long as the fasting person doesn’t tear it up.. #ramadhaan_reflections Share on: WhatsApp

Unique Drawing of the name of Allah

Artist uses the number of ayat (verses) per surah to plot points and then connects them. It amazingly spells out the word Allah. Share on: WhatsApp

Something Interesting to Know – Ibraheem Menk

Ramadan reflections by Shaykh Ibraheem Menk Share on: WhatsApp

The Month of the Quran – Ibraheem Menk

Short reminder by Shaykh Ibraheem Menk Share on: WhatsApp

Satans Psychological Trick – Nouman Ali Khan

Shaitan is a master of trickery, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives an example how Shaitan makes a person commit sin by using a psychological trick that Allah described in the Quran. Watch the video to know more and safeguard yourself from the Devil’s trickery. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel […]

Ramadan is not for Cooking – Mufti Menk

During the month of Ramadan it is common to see the table filled with a variety of different food items.Many a times this extravagance results in the women of the household being deprived of the spiritual benefits of Ramadan because they are expected to cook a lot for Iftaar and Suhoor. Ramadan is a month […]

Fasting in Artic Norway – MUST Watch!

The Imaam in Arctic Norway shows us how they fast where the sun does not set at all during Ramadan. Very very interesting. Please watch and forward, by Dr Waleed Hakeem from his Facebook page Share on: WhatsApp

Dua to safe Guard from Hell – Nouman Ali Khan

The month of Ramadan is ongoing, and Muslims all over the world are busy making loads of Dua to Allah swt. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan mentions the significance of this Dua mentioned in the Quran which will make a person from among the chosen slaves of the Most Merciful —————————– Brought to you by Muslim […]

Ramadan beyond Fasting – Mufti Menk

If a Non-Muslim were to ask you, What is Ramadan? You would say that it is a month in which we abstain from food, drink and sex during the daylight hours and (binging on food later after breaking the fast). However do we realise as Muslims that Ramadan is beyond fasting and serves a much […]

Important Marriage Advice – Fatima Barkatulla

Building and managing relationships is sometimes a complex process and many a times you can’t have everything as you wish. Is it necessarily a bad thing to compromise in a marriage? Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla presents with a simple yet powerful advice in this regard. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel […]

Tahajjud Tip For Ramadan – Nouman Ali Khan

Don’t you always aspire to be able to pray Tahajjud, especially in the month of Ramadan. In this video Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan presents an easy way to build the habit of praying Tahajjud regularly. Watch the video to find out. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel stay updated. — […]

Ramadan Is Here – Mufti Menk

The month of Ramadan is here, have you realised the reason Ramadan comes every year? Just like a car engine needs regular service so do our spiritual engines need an overhaul once a year. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel stay updated. — OUR CHANNEL NO Ads NO Music NO […]

When I was in Labour – Fatima Barkatulla

In the 21st century many people look down on motherhood, however we need to realise that in reality a mother is nation builder! We need to be proud of motherhood and understand that it is a blessing from Allah. —————————– Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel stay updated. — OUR CHANNEL […]

Kiss your Wife Mufti Menk

Have you ever kissed your wife in front of your own children? Showing empathy and love to your spouse is an excellent way of inculcating those values and feelings in your children as well. Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel stay updated. — OUR CHANNEL NO Ads NO Music NO Inappropriate […]