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Pick up your Trash – Abdul Wahab Saleem

Cleanliness is a part of Faith yet we find that Muslim communities and societies have not yet fully embraced and acted upon this prophetic injunction. Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem presents a beautiful narration which tells us about the great reward for cleaning and putting things in their right places. Share on: WhatsApp

Stupid FB Comments – Saad Tasleem

Social media posts especially on Facebook are rife with nasty comments and unnecessary argumentation over religious issues. Shaykh Saad Tasleem explains why he believes that discussing religious issues on social media is most of the time a fruitless exercise since many of us are feeding our egos instead of seeking the truth. Share on: WhatsApp

The Shepherd of the House – Abdul Wahab Saleem

We all have individual duties and responsibilities that one must fulfill. Islam tells us that Allah swt has made each and everyone of shepherds for our own flocks and we all will be asked about our flocks on the Day of Judgement. Share on: WhatsApp

Allah will take care of you – Mufti Menk

Allah swt is the one who created you, and just like he provides for all creatures of the earth, be assured that He will provide for you whatever you need at the right time. Mufti Menk reminds us that we should always rely wholly and solely on Allah swt in all matters. Share on: WhatsApp

Being Harsh to your family – Yasmin Mogahed

From the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ is that the best of people are those who are best to their families. It is easy to be good to people outside the house, your friends, your boss, your coworkers etc. Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed explains that the real criteria is how one deals with his wife and […]

Early Bird gets the Barakah – Abdul Wahab Saleem

In an age where working late, binge watching and nightouts have become the popular culture, Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem reminds us about the importance of getting up early. Waking up before Fajr and doing your work in that time is very beneficial since this is one the most Mubarak times. Full of barakah! Share on: […]

Banned from Heaven – Saad Tasleem

The Prophet ﷺ informed us the dangers and harms of arrogance. Shaykh Saad Tasleem in this short video explains what is arrogance based on a Prophetic hadith. Arrogance can prevent a person from accepting the truth and a person with the tiniest amount of arrogance will not be able to enter Jannah. Share on: WhatsApp

Are you content? – Abdul Wahab Saleem

Do you know that barakah is something that can make what is little appear more! But this will only happen if the person is content, grateful and thankful to Allah swt for all that He has given him/her. Contentment will bring more Barakah to your life! Share on: WhatsApp

Praying and doing Nothing – Mufti Menk

Many Muslims have the incorrect idea as to what Tawakkul means. Many people misunderstand that Tawakkul entails only praying to and relying upon Allah, however real tawakkul as explained by the Prophet ﷺ is that a person seeks all the means necessary to achieve something and then relies on Allah. Mufti Menk warns against just […]

The Fate of Corrupt Traders Abdul Wahab Saleem

The Prophet ﷺ gave a stern warning to traders, merchants and businessmen of what will happen to them on the Day of Judgement if they cheat and shortchange people in their dealings Share on: WhatsApp

FUNNY Story – Selling my broken laptop – Abdul Wahab Saleem

Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem recalls a funny yet important incident that happened to him which can help us realise the importance of telling the truth especially when buying or selling something. Share on: WhatsApp

How to Unite the Ummah – Abdul Wahab Saleem

We all have difference of opinion depending on where you are from, your upbringing, your theological orientation. But that does not mean we cannot live peacefully together. Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem explains how we can go forward as an Ummah despite our differences. Share on: WhatsApp

Boys and Video Games – Yasmin Mogahed

It is important to teach young children especially boys to take up household responsibilities and chores. This will encourage them to participate in the household and take up responsibility from a young age. Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed explains why it is harmful for the individual and the society at large if we baby our boys. Share […]

A Mubarak Business – Abdul Wahab Saleem

Do you want to know how can you get more Barakah in your business? Watch this short video by Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem to find out Share on: WhatsApp

Over Controlling Husband – Umm Jamaal ud Din

Every relationship is built on a certain level of mutual trust. However some individuals might be over suspicious of their spouse and will try to control them in ways that are not normal in a healthy relationship. Sometimes they will use the Deen and make it over restrictive to achieve this goal, however one should […]

Beauty of Interracial Nikah – Abdul Wahab Saleem

Allah has made the religion easy and simple. He has permitted us to marry from different races and colours and has prohibited discrimination on such grounds. Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem explains the beauty and wisdom behind inter racial marriages. Share on: WhatsApp

Openly Sinning – Mufti Menk

Committing sin is an act of disobedience to Allah, however the disobedience is magnified if the sin is committed openly without regard and others are encouraged to do the same. Realize that a true believer will try not to sin, in both public and private. Mufti Menk has a strong advise to those who sin […]

Jumuah Salah – Rakah 1 – Mufti Menk

East London, July 2019 – Surah Fatiha + Surah Al-A’la Share on: WhatsApp

Absolute Submission to Husband – Umm Jamaal ud Din

Islam has given guidelines on how a home and a marriage should function. Both the Husband and the Wife have been given rights that are due to them and responsibilities that are due on them. The husband is the head of the household and all those under him are required to obey him in good […]

Amazing Story of Unity – Abdul Wahab Saleem

Allah commands us to speak good to all people, regardless of their colour, race or faith. Shouldn’t we do the same when it comes to speaking to fellow Muslims with whom we have a difference of opinion with? Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem narrates a beautiful story that will help us understand the importance of this. […]