Day #10 WhyIslam Dawah Road Trip | Conclusion! | Hagerstown, Maryland

The final day of the WhyIslam Dawah Road Trip took the volunteers to Hagerstown, Maryland where after a dawah workshop with an eager community, the volunteers did 3 hours of street dawah in downtown Hagerstown. The Volunteers were only able to converse with three passer-bys throughout the 3 hours of street dawah, however by the Grace of Allah, all three accepted Islam.

Day Ten was the final day of the WhyIslam Dawah Road Trip, and Al-Hamdulillah the volunteers returned from the Trip knowing that they were able to plant the seeds of dawah in over 7 states across the Northeastern seaboard.

A group of brothers from New Jersey and New York embarked on the first ever WhyIslam Dawah Road Trip spanning eight states across the Northeastern United States, visiting each state they will conduct dawah workshops with the local communities to teach the art of conveying the message of Islam.

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