HELP FUND: The Untold History Series


Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters… due to the time and work that is required to produce a full length series we require some help from our viewers In sha Allah.

We plan to do 13 Full Length Episodes which will be packed with gems and beneficial historical and islamic knowledge, each episode will range from 20-30 minutes in length, if we can achieve our target we will also release some bonus episodes and a side series which will be releated to the History of Islam.

We have hired some external video transcribers and editors so we can release new episodes on time weekly, the series will launch early this coming January In sha Allah. We require funding for the following;

– Audio Transcript (on editing software)
– HD Footage for series
– Full Time Editor
– Series Storyboard
– 3D Graphics
– Artwork/Images
– Sound Engineering

Support us ?

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