Importance of Defending the Prophet (?) with Q&A – AbdulBary Yahya & Abu Usamah

Importance of Defending the Prophet (?) with Q&A – AbdulBary Yahya & Abu Usamah

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To promote and develop committed Muslim youth who understand the true and balanced nature of Islam and apply it in their lives.

Our goal is to produce fun, informative and educational programs that will last a lifetime. In doing so, we are helping youth to develop strong character and an aptitude for problem-solving, decision-making, communication, leadership and civic responsibility.
Youth development also strengthens our communities by preparing children for the real world and helping them to develop self- and community awareness.

Ajyal’s programmes are customized to reach kids/ youth ages 6 to 25 in a wide variety of programmes suitable to their age and gender. We are dedicated to identifying, building, supporting and promoting positive youth-focused activities that prepare youth to live a productive and satisfying life, and in turn, help strengthen families andcreate strong, safe community while providing a safe nurturing Islamic Environment.
We work closely with teachers, parents, volunteers, community leaders, counselors and any other adult role models to adapt any curriculum and learning activities to meet their preferences and needs for engaging youth. We offer tailor-made programs that fit the available timeframe, unique interests and appropriate age group of the young audience. Like DigitalMimbar on Facebook:
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