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URGENT NOTICE: On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Abu Taubah was arrested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Abu Taubah is being held in a detention facility in Florida, while the Government follows its legal process. No doubt, this is a test for our Muslim Brother Abu Taubah and his Family. As it is prescribed for the Muslims who have the misfortune to live in kaafir states to unite, to form bonds amongst themselves and cooperate with one another, we ask that you assist us in defense of our esteemed teacher. Also, Abu Taubah is a US Citizen who is “assumed to be innocent until proven guilty”.

What should you do? Please donate generously to the “Abu Taubah Defense and Support Fund”. Your contributions will be used to pay for food, clothing and shelter for his Family, and Abu Taubah’s legal fees. Also, please make Duaa to Allah to Remove this Difficulty from Abu Taubah and his Family. We shall, insha’Allaah continue to update you as we receive more information regarding this affair, walHamdulillaah.


Abu Taubah was born and raised in New York, he comes from an educated family where his mother was an English teacher turned Principal and his father a politician. He grew up with a love for education, language and teaching. He has been traveling widely around the world from a young age and this led him to a journey of learning about Islam.

Over the years he has met and studied with many scholars, activists and duaat. He spent a number of years studying in rural Mauritania under a number of scholars in the traditional way. He has mastered the Arabic language and its sciences, memorized the Quran with Ijazah and has also studied hadeeth, aqeedah, usul al fiqh and fiqh.

He is the founder the Foundation of Islamic Knowledge & Seminary (The FIKS) where he provides online learning of Arabic and Islamic studies to a number of students from around the world. Ustadh Abu Taubah currently resides with his family in Orlando, Florida. He is a popular teacher who spends a lot of time traveling to conferences and classes.


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