My Convert Story To Islam | “From Bikini To Hijab” Sara Bokker Shares Her Amazing Journey!

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My Convert Story To Islam:

Sara Bokker is a former actress/model, fitness instructor, and activist. After more than ten years in Egypt, Sara relocated back to America and is working and studying at an Islamic school/institute in Southern California.
She gave up the glamorous Miami lifestyle for Islam and found true liberation with Islam and the Islamic dress code for women.

She says:
One day I came across a book that is negatively stereotyped in the West-The Holy Quran. Up until that point, all I had associated with Islam was women covered in “tents”, wife beaters, harems, and a world of terrorism. I was first attracted by the style and approach of the Quran, and then intrigued by its outlook on existence, life, creation, and the relationship between Creator and creation.
I found the Quran to be a very insightful address to heart and soul without the need for an interpreter or pastor.

Eventually I hit a moment of truth: my new-found self-fulfilling activism was nothing more than merely embracing a faith called Islam where I could live in peace as a “functional” Muslim.

Yesterday, the bikini was the symbol of my liberty, when in actuality it only liberated me from my spirituality and true value as a respectable human being.
I couldn’t be happier to shed my bikini in South Beach and the “glamorous” Western lifestyle to live in peace with my Creator and enjoy living among fellow humans as a worthy person.


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