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“My Love for Science Led Me To Islam”

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“Every time I learnt something new, it was like something clicked, a piece of puzzle would fit and I could visualize how everything came together
Oddly though, there was a particular part of my learning where this process failed me, and did not give me the same satisfaction.
And that was when we learnt about the creation of the universe and the origin of life. No matter how I tried to understand and internalize the Big Bang Theory, it was not intuitive to me. It did not feel right.
Likewise, when we were taught that all species on earth originate from a single cell, it did not sit right with me. There was no ‘click’, no fitting of the puzzle, no images and visions in my head. All that laid flat on the paper.
This time, I was not filled with satisfaction, but doubt. That bothered me and I never knew why. ”

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