Ramadhaan it’s definition by Dr Zakir Naik

Ramadhaan it’s definition by Dr Zakir Naik
Dr Zakir Naik: Alhumdulillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam Aala Rasoolillah Wa Ala Aalihi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Ajma’een, Amma Baad.

The word Ramadhaan is derived from the Arabic word ‘Ramidah’ or ‘Ar-Ramdh’ which means intense scotching heat and dryness. Its also derived from the Arabic word ‘Ramda’ which means sun baked sand. In Islamic terminology, the word Ramadhaan, it signifies the intense heat in the stomach due to thirst. When a Muslim fasts, the thirst that is there, it produces heat in the stomach which is defined as Ramadhaan. Again Ramadhaan, it has another meaning, it means that that the good deeds they scotch the sins and the evil of a Muslim. So Ramadhaan is a month in which the sins are scotched away by the good deeds like how a sun scotches the ground in the same way. And heat normally it helps in forming, molding or reshaping virtually every matter in the same way Ramadhaan helps in molding, shaping and reforming the spiritual and the moral aspects of the human being. That is the reason we term this word as Ramadhaan.


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