Reconstructing the Muslim Mind – Oxford University ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi | 1st February 2015

There was a time when Islamic Scholarship was a leading torch bearer of knowledge and a shining example to the world where the Scholars of this Ummah had mastered both Islamic knowledge and secular sciences producing some of the greatest minds and free-thinkers in human history that transformed societies and nations! People from all over the globe would look towards the Muslim world for guidance & progress in both religious and secular knowledge. Muslim civilizations flourished when the entire Ummah benefited from the diversity of the great works of our Scholars, and adapting & embracing foreign influences within the confines of the Sharia.

Today however ??the Ummah excels in secular sciences?,? we have ?Muslims leading in the field of medicine and engineer?ing, but only a handful of o?pen-minded Scholars that specialise both in Islamic knowledge and secular sciences. The narrow-minded?ness of ‘sectarianism’ and ‘appeal to authority’ who may not be qualified to give verdicts in secular and foreign issues has left many to develop a strict-conservative Islam that hinders the very heritage & principles of our faith.

?Then there are those who profess themselves as Muslims (which by definition means to submit to the Will of Allah), yet their liberal views leave everything to their intellects and whatever is the norm of the society becomes their religion even if it goes against the very basic teachings of Islam.

How can the Ummah ever revive the great legacy of the past and return back to the conservative yet liberal heritage of our Scholars?

Join Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi in this unique & inspiring talk as he performs ‘bloodless brain surgery’ of the Muslim mind unlocking our great legacy of a free-thinking Ummah through the lens of orthodox Islam.

An exhilarating talk not to me missed!!

Recorded 1st February 2015 – Oxford, UK

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