Storm hits Syrian Refugee Camps

To donate a food parcel please visit-

Heavy rains, flash flooding, snow storms, strong winds, and cold temperatures caused by storm Norma, hit the Syrian refugee camps in Beqaa Valley recently severely affecting thousands of Syrian refugees, including mainly women and children.

Just a few days ago, our team on the ground conducted a needs assessment in the Beqaa Valley which houses around 400,000 Syrian refugees, and you can see the current situation there in the video below.

In March 2019, the Task Force GLM team plan to travel to these areas to personally distribute food parcels to the Syrian refugees Insha’Allah.

A food parcel costs just £50 and will feed a family of 6 for around 10 days.

100% of your donation will go towards the cause. (No admin fees deducted) and we will personally ensure your aid is distributed into the hand of the refugees.

To donate a food parcel please visit :-


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