So you are a Gangster ?! Very Powerful Speech ! Mohamed Hoblos

Mohamed Hoblos, hailing from Lebanon, and living in Sydney (Australia) is famous for his ability to deliver passionate, emotional and powerful talks and reminders on various topics regarding the muslims of today. He have conquered many hearts with his preachings, especially the hearts of the young muslims. He gives a lot of talks on Masjid […]

Dhikr, the Neglected Ibaada That Will Make Allah Very Happy

Mohamed Hoblos remind us about Dhikr, an ibadaa that so easy to do and has a big reward. ► Give a one-time donation for our Vision2020: ► Become our Patron – Your Constant Sadqa Jaria: ► Buy our exclusive Juz Amma artbook: Have these videos delivered to your inbox once a week, […]

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