Marital Showdown During Lockdown – Mufti Menk

Many marriages have suffered as a result of all sorts of issues. This video addresses one of these issues. Learn to be easy going, respectful, kind, considerate, helpful, loving, generous and the best version of YOU. #MuftiMenk #Ramadan #Lockdown #MarriageinIslam

WHAAAT! You Cannot Marry a Black Man? – Mufti Menk

THE TRUTH OF WHAT ISLAM ALLOWS! Subscribe to the Official Mufti Menk Channel —- Official Mufti Menk Channel: Study Hadith with Mufti Menk at Eman …

Marriage during Lockdown! Zoom, Skype & Houseparty – Mufti Menk

Don’t delay the Nikah & don’t break the lockdown restrictions either! Here is what’s happening. #Nikah #MuftiMenk #Lockdown.

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