4 Types of ignorant People mentioned in Quran

What are the Types and costs of ignorance to an individual as mentioned in Quran? 4 Different types of Ignorant people as mentioned in Quran also given. 4 Types are: 1. Zanu Jahiliah(bad/negative thoughts of Allah swt and His creation) 2. Tabbaruj Jahiliyah (indecent/Vulgar/ appearance; think dress and language) 3. Hamiyatu Jahilyah (group beliefs/following of […]

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)’s Best Friend

The day when the Prophet (ﷺ) passed away he was 63 and Abu Bakr (رضي الله عنه) was 61. That means they knew each other for 50 years. 50 years! Video animated and illustrated by FreeQuranEducation/Darul Arqam Studios’ Team ► Become our Patron – Your Constant Sadqa Jaria: https://www.patreon.com/DarulArqam ► Give one time donation: https://bit.ly/3348ThY […]

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