The Bee | Miracles of Quran | Mind blowing

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“And thy Lord taught the Bee To build its cells in hills, On trees, and in (men’s)
habitations; Then to eat of all The produce (of the earth), And find with skill the spacious
Paths of its Lord.” [Al-Qur’aan 16:68-69]
Von-Frisch received the Nobel Prize in 1973 for his research on the behaviour and
communication of the bees. The bee, after discovering any new garden or flower, goes back
and tells its fellow bees the exact direction and map to get there, which is known as ‘bee dance’.
The meanings of this insect’s movements that are intended to transmit information between
worker bees have been discovered scientifically using photography and other methods. The
Qur’aan mentions in the above verse how the bee finds with skill the spacious paths of its Lord.
The worker bee or the soldier bee is a female bee. In Soorah Al-Nahl chapter no. 16, verses 68
and 69 the gender used for the bee is the female gender (fa’slukî and kulî), indicating that the
bee that leaves its home for gathering food is a female bee. In other words the soldier or worker
bee is a female bee. In fact, in Shakespeare’s play, “Henry the Fourth”, some of the characters
speak about bees and mention that the bees are soldiers and that they have a king. That is
what people thought in Shakespearean times. They thought that the worker bees are male bees
and they go home and are answerable to a king bee. This, however, is not true. The worker
bees are females and they do not report to a king bee but to a queen bee. But it took modern
investigations in the last 300 years to discover this.

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