The Bestower of Peace (As-Salam) – In the Names of Allah – Dr. Bilal Philips – Episode 16/26

In this Episode of “In the Names of Allah” Dr. Philips explains the meaning of the name “As-Salam.”

Key Points of This Video
Introduction [start time 00:00]
The linguistic meaning of ‘Salam (Peace)’ [start time 01:53]
The meaning of ‘Salam’ with respect to Allah [start time 02:27]
Lawful things are plenty! Unlawful things are few!
Where to seek ‘Salam’? [start time 06:30]
Providing ‘Salam’ for people [start time 08:45]
A supplication of peace [start time 10:35]
Spreading ‘Salam’ in Society [start time 11:08]
Recap [start time 14:12]
Manners of greeting with ‘Salam’ [start time 21:05]
The greeting of ‘Salam’ is found and Jewish, and Christian scriptures [start time 24:25]
Conclusion [start time 27:00]

“In the names of Allah” with Dr. Bilal Philips on HUDA TV. Series explaining the names and attributes of Allah Almighty.

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