The Truth About Jesus Christ by Abdur-Raheem Green

Jesus is a figure common to both Muslims and Christians. Mr. Green has researched the truth about Jesus for many years. In this presentation he objectively clarifies many misunderstandings about Jesus.

Introduction [start time 00:00]
From God’s infinite mercy is that He sent a final messenger [start time 04:25]
How to prove that something is true? [start time 05:25]
Subjective Proof [start time 07:29]
A being that knows everything does not contradict himself. [start time 13:45]
How do Christians respond to these contradictions? [start time 19:49]
How do we know these accounts in the gospels are the right ones? [start time 24:10]
All the Gospels were distributed anonymously [start time 25:30]
Who is the true historical Jesus? [start time 36:50]
“Process of Reasoning” in examining the truth about Jesus [start time 42:27]
An agreed upon definition of God [start time 43:30]
Definition of man [start time 45:59]
Examples of the mortality of Jesus [start time 48:15]
Jesus the Son of God? [start time 50:40]
Don’t Insult God! [start time 53:33]
Conclusion of the lecture [start time 56:44]

Born in Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania to British parents, Green’s father (born in England), Gavin Green, was a colonial administrator in the then extant British Empire. At an early age he moved back to the UK with his parents. His mother is of original Polish origin.

At the age of 10 he attended a Roman Catholic Monastic boarding school at Gilling Castle and then went onto Ampleforth College and went on to study history in the London University. However, he left his education unfinished in an effort to devote himself to Islamic works.

He became dissatisfied with Christianity at the age of 8, with it not making sense to him.

Green researched and practiced many religions, including Buddhism (for 3 years) before embracing Islam.

Whilst in Britain his father got a job in 1976 working for Barclays Bank International and was subsequently sent to Cairo, Egypt, to set up a branch of the Bank there.

His study of the Noble Qur’an immediately attracted him to Islam and he embraced Islam in 1988. He has been a Daw’ah practitioner in Britain since then.

Green now works in the London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre as the Visits and English Dawa Co-ordinator.

Green is seen akin to lecturers such as Dr. Zakir Naik, Dr. Bilal Philips, Khalid Yasin and Yvonne Ridley, doing many lectures on Islam worldwide and also in London’s famous Hyde Park, Speakers Corner. Like DigitalMimbar on Facebook:
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