Why Am I Here? ? The Purpose of Life ? An Eye Opening ? Hamza Tzortzis Latest

Were we created to simply earn money and then die or have we been created for a greater purpose?

Have you ever thought about does Life Have A Purpose?

Why are we here?

Does science really have all the answers to life?

Many people are looking for answers to some of these questions that human beings think about some time in their lives.

Hamza Tzortzis delivers an insightful talk on his perspective of this intriguing topic, by delving deep into the questions concerning the true and ultimate aim of our lives
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We are all living in day and edge that the faith has been if not secondary the last thing we pay intention. We have been surrounded by negativity and shamelessness so we forgot that one day we all will die. All problems arise when we lose our faith whether it’s physiological, financial or spiritual. Therefore this channel is dedicated to bringing back that element which is missing in your life. Help me to spread the message by sharing my posts. Thanks

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