7 Clues to break through your Barriers

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When your car makes weird noises, you pay attention, right?
Well, guest what?
What you say, what you don’t say and what you try to say but can’t say can give you a lot of profound insight about you.
For this week our breakthrough idea is around the power of words from various angles.
The area that will be a breakthrough idea for many is if you hear yourself it will tell you a lot about all the reasons you are not making the progress you want to make in all areas, whether it be your relations, emotions, motivation, inspiration, actions or even physical health.
We will also discuss how you can avoid harming others by your words whether it be spiritual, emotional or mental.
On a related note, we talked about the powerful filters on our sight in episode 22 and filters for thoughts in episode 23.
We talked about how they can have a huge impact on your emotions, inspirations, motivation and actions.


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About The Paradise On Earth Breakthrough Series:
A man like you and I once asked one of the Scholars of Islam Imam Ibn AlQayyum Rahimaullah – What is the advise of the scholars regarding a man who is drowning in a disease, bad habits, laziness, lack of purpose / direction or addiction and knows that if it should continue it would damage his this life and life after. He has tried hard to get rid of it and as he tries it gets harder and harder.

He wrote a book as a response known as Disease and The Cure ….!

He looked at the root causes of our desires and actions, he talked about preventing bad habits, responding to bad habits, clarifying our goals and objectives, the concept and power of Love and how it shapes what we do, how to get divine blessings and assistance in living a full life and how to live in Paradise On Earth.

Using his book as the basis for transformation to live in The Paradise on Earth, combining with our personal contemporary analogies, metaphors, case studies as well as contemporary works from others we have a series of 30 parts that will enable you to transform your relationship with your Creator, with yourself, with your loved ones. It will help you to get clearer and clearer on your personal mission statement and live a life of passion while living in Paradise on Earth.

Every Wednesday, we will share insights with you on how you can achieve breakthroughs in your life to unlock your spirituality, relationships and mindset. You will also get practical steps towards living a truly extraordinary and fulfilling life in sha’ Allah!

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Coach Zubair is a strategist, breakthrough coach and trainer. He is blessed to have benefitted from a very diverse range of experiences and has coached a wide range of people facing different challenges and helped them unleash their true capabilities. He leads the da’wah and convert care team and is a marriage/relationships coach at Abu Huraira Centre. He conducts dawah and convert coaching workshops and leads coaching teams with various other organizations, such as iERA and IslamWise. He is also the host and producer of weekly Breakthrough videos and podcast with MuslimMastery. He also runs a social welfare and international relief organization ArRahmah Trust in Canada.


For questions, comments or to book trainings you can email zoom.coaching.1 at gmail.com

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