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Sharing the message of Islam
*Can You Explain Islam?*

There are a lot of people out there wanting for clear, non contradictory answers to important questions in life such as why are we here, what’s happening in the world? Who is Our Creator, what’s after death, what’s Islam, Muslim, Shariah, Free will etc.

Even without arguing for how what we have in Islam is better and way more comprehensive and authentic than anything else out there we should try to practice to be able to explain it to others. Specially if we are able to pitch a product or the organization we work and volunteer for, we should be way more able to present Islam.

*Here is 2 min intro to our slide deck to empower you to that,*

The video description links to pdf slides as well as videos on the the topic and how to edit and make your own slide deck.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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There are many people out there who are looking for the true worldview.

– What is this world like
– What is the purpose of life
– Why is their pain
– Why do seemingly bad people have a lot of wealth, fame and power,
– What’s after death
– Who is my Creator
– Has he communicated with me
– What is Islam

If someone were to ask you to share your worldview and about Islam, how would you explain in 10 minutes? or 20 minutes or even an hour?

Here is a slide deck that you can use to walk your friends, family, colleagues and others through it.

== Want To Edit and Make Your Own Slides ==
If you want to edit these slides and make your own, or just choose a subset of them

Check out this folder it will show you how to make your own private copy and then edit to get your own slides.

== Want To See It Being Presented ==
Link to this playlist

Coach Zubair is a strategist, breakthrough coach and trainer. He is blessed to have benefitted from a very diverse range of experiences and has coached a wide range of people facing different challenges and helped them unleash their true capabilities. He leads the da’wah and convert care team and is a marriage/relationships coach at Abu Huraira Centre. He conducts dawah and convert coaching workshops and leads coaching teams with various other organizations, such as iERA and IslamWise. He is also the host and producer of weekly Breakthrough videos and podcast with MuslimMastery. He also runs a social welfare and international relief organization ArRahmah Trust in Canada.

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