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Alhamdulillah, our Juz Amma artbook vol. 1 is out!

We’ve managed to set up an online bookshelf so you could just press a button (and some more buttons) to have it printed right away and delivered to your comfortable living room, anywhere on the planet!

The entire Juz Amma Book is planned to be released in 3 parts to make it more affordable and not so heavy for your children and nephews to carry. We’ve taken special care in layout and designed all the things especially for you, brothers and sisters, who always have the need inside to feel the paper and smell it.

This is just another way for us to support the studio (your studio, our studio) besides crowdfunding. The profit will be 100% returned to the studio to let us work on more animations and spread more benefit of Islamic teachings. It will be counted as your constant Sadqa Jariya, in sha Allah. But of course, we also provide the digital version for free over here: https://forms.gle/SLdTY7sWGXjdgkpBA

This artbook figuratively contains our emotions and feelings in the form of illustrations. We value this book so much. We hope you do too. If you want to support us by buying the book please follow the link here: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/The-One

Thank you for participating in the Dawah


FQE Team

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