POWERFUL & URGENT – What I have done during this CRISIS – Mufti Menk

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Summary of Mufti Menk’s Live Instagram video:

1) This will most certainly change the way we live in the future.
2) Suspend congregational Masjid activities immediately. It’s a temporary measure not a permanent one.
3) Isolation is the instruction of the Prophet ﷺ
4) Prepare to see many of our loved ones die.
5) Muslims leaders who are still insisting that the Masaajid must remain open are blackmailing the congregation.
6) Will those who keep the Masaajid open for the public congregations be able to answer to Allah for putting so many lives at risk.

He also explains why he hasn’t yet met his own parents and some of his loved ones.

Why he did not attend the last Friday Prayers.

“I don’t mind what the scholars call me, someone needs to be brave and save lives. Speak out. Don’t put your life at risk and the lives of others. The Masjids are Super Spreaders. Get ready to lose your loved ones. May Allah help us.”

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