Science Can Do It, but God can’t? | Dialogue with Ex Muslim

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It surprises me how people use #Science as the measuring stick, if Science can’t explain this then it can’t be true. Does that make sense even from a Scientific perspective, R&D of today could not have have been imagined or explained two decades ago. R&D from certain leading countries defeats R&D from other nation states all the time, and you can’t understand God doing miracles?


Coach Zubair is a strategist, breakthrough coach and trainer. He is blessed to have benefitted from a very diverse range of experiences and has coached a wide range of people facing different challenges and helped them unleash their true capabilities. He leads the da’wah and convert care team and is a marriage/relationships coach at Abu Huraira Centre. He conducts dawah and convert coaching workshops and leads coaching teams with various other organizations, such as iERA and IslamWise. He is also the host and producer of weekly Breakthrough videos and podcast with MuslimMastery. He also runs a social welfare and international relief organization ArRahmah Trust in Canada.

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