The “day to day life” side of Mufti Menk

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At work this morning. I love lending a hand whenever the opportunity arises. Nobody is too important to help another. The joy of being able to help cannot be described.

How many boxes do you think I helped seal?

Someone asked why I posted such a video?
My reply was, ” Because many people would never believe how ordinary we all are. Normal lives no matter what the Almighty may have blessed you with. You’re still just a human, a son, a husband, a father a brother etc. Another reason is that I know of many people who never lend a hand to the helpers at home or at work or even to their own family members. I hope this inspires them to change their ways. You always see the lecturer, teacher, Imaam, scholar side but never see the human side, the day-to-day life side. ❤️❤️”

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