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A Child in America opens his laptop, with a single click he is able to watch his Favourite Cartoons teaching him all about Islam, Quran and Sunnah for Free.

An Artist in Africa opens his mobile device, with a single click he is able to Learn Quran Arabic in the most state of the Art way.

A Hafiz in Indonesia opens his chromecast and is able to go through entire Quran tafsir word by word in his own Bahasa language explained by best scholars accompanied by state of the art and precise illustrations.

A Nurse in India opens her laptop, with a single click she is able to Understand and Memorize Entire Quran in the Language of Her Choice

A Teenager is on his way to school in the daily train he takes, he is able to listen to his Favourite Quran Tafseer accompanied by state of the art visuals helping him retain what he has learned.

A New Convert in Russia wants to learn all about Seerah of Holy Prophet peace be upon him, he is able to learn in Russian as well as English the entire Seerah taught by the best in the field along with State of the Art Visuals.

A husband in Pakistan wants to learn how to act according to the Quran and Sunnah and all he has to do is just tap a button and the entire Instructions from Quran and Sunnah are available to him, taught by the best scholars in the field.

A non muslim wanting to know more about Islam in France and all he has to do is just a single click and state of the Art animation videos explaining all his Questions by the Best Dawah Speakers in the World today are available to him.

All this is just the tip of iceberg of what we have achieved. 14 Years Ago, a few Volunteers decided to make Islamic Education Universal, Free, State of the Art and available to Every Single Human Being in sha Allah. Then Allah swt Decided to put Barakah in their humble Efforts.

Today, Alhumdullilah the effort has blossomed. We have released 2000+ The Most State of the Art Animation and illustration Videos and Are releasing New Videos Every Day.

What makes us unique is that our Founder has never taken a single penny for himself and First and Foremost contributed everything they could themselves.

We wished we could do this all for Free but hiring the Best and most Talented and most capable and Most Devoted to the Cause people require funds to enable them to support themselves and their families while they work on making Islamic Education available to Every single human being in sha Allah.

In 2020, We need your Help to complete our mission. By Contributing to our Videos you are helping make Islamic Education available to every human being. You are also setting up a source of constant Sadqa Jaria for You and Your Family. As long as Internet Lasts, People will keep benefitting from these videos and it will be a source of constant constant Sadqa Jaria for you.

Together We can do this, We have the right team in place and We are on track to get this done in sha Allah. But it will require YOU to play your part and chip in.

Our Target is to raise 200,000 Dollars to produce 1000+ Animation and illustration videos in 2020 and 2021. Through Your Generous donations we hope to keep our content free and available to Every single human being till the Day of Judgement in sha Allah.

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